Andara Sanchez

Eduardo class, week Adara Sánchez Anguiano art from Sevilla, Spain. He used pencil and water colour on top of coloured paper and used the negative space as a part of illustration.

Your Summer Heart by Catia Chien. a modern painting of Romeo and Juliet balcony scene

by Bluefooted

Amazing Fairy Tale Art from a Biology PhD. ❤️ "The Wolfman" by "bluefooted" (Erin) on deviantart Such a sad scene. Who is this little girl to the wolf? Who is this wolf? He looks like a gentleman.

Don't feel like the only alien on earth (Café by Pencil)

don't feel like the only alien on earth (Café by Pencil)

Original manuscript for Alice in Wonderland hand written and illustrated by Lewis Carroll, 1862

Lewis Carroll ~ Original manuscript for Alice in Wonderland, 1862 (hand written and illustrated)

Mr Fox !

The Rich Lazy Fox. (Anyone know the artist / source? The signature is barely cut off at the bottom of this print.

This is the online portfolio of Jonathan Bergeron, a painter & illustrator based in Montreal.

My name is Jonathan Bergeron, A.A Johnny Crap, I live & paint in Montreal.