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POST 6 : One of the most important things I learnt is how effective music sounds over certain clips. It can change the meaning of an acting scene and transform it into something else. Throughout our opening sequence we have a man walking to a grave, with our chosen music over the top of this it gave the feel that the man was on a journey and created a purpose to the sequence.

Music connects people yes that is so true a certain person came to mind when I saw this pic! I love him to death and we talk about music all the time! Especially marching band! MUSIC IS LIFE, LOVE, AND FAMILY

Lolo Jones. Fit, fab and Olympian.

Olympic track and field trials: Lolo Jones makes Olympic team in hurdles.

Lolo Jones! Those legs don't fit into a 0 size jeans! :)

It seems like every professional athlete should have a great stomach, but such is not the case. These 15 take core strength to another level. Too much attention is focused on the guns for men and the legs for women.

Olympian Lolo Jones Shares Her Secret Weapon Workout - shhh.... TRX is in there....

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