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supermodel projection on bodies

Photographer: Andrew Berry Model: Loura Roos from My Friend Ned Make-up and styling: Renee Nicole Sander Assistants: Robyn Silberbauer and Maxine Sutton

Η πιο “ακριβή” κρέμα νυκτός με ελαιόλαδο και ξύδι!

Olive oil is one of the most used component for glowing skin tips. This oil is very gentle to use in your body and compatible for all types of skins. But ensure that you buy only original olive oil product from the mark.

Emil Alzamora. how i used to feel before i started moving my body again. i get occasional flashbacks, or perhaps my "head" is just getting taller..

"Afterlife Afterthought" by Peruvian-American artist Emil Alzamora. This one is particularly odd because it also the perfect image of a "rokurokubi" -- a traditional Japanese monster/ghost. It's unclear whether the connection was intentional or not.