Dream Catcher

Dream Catcher

Dream Catcher
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Handcrafted Harry Potter inspired 'The Grim' by wizardcraftsonline

Wizarding World Handmade Tea Leaf Design Dog Wolf Large Mug - Unique Love Handcrafted Fun Simple Wizard Gift

TUTORIAL: How to write in Elvish..

TUTORIAL: How to write in Elvish. This is the most detailed and thorough I've seen. Also, check out a lovely book called "The Languages of Tolkien's Middle Earth". It explains elvish (Sindarian and Quenya), Dwarvish, and others. Written by Ruth S.

Gondolin before the fall by HecticRed

'Gondolin before the fall' by Gianna Kaye ? "The world was fair, the mountains tall / in Elder Days before the fall / of mighty kings in Nargothrond / and Gondolin, who now beyond / the Western Seas have passed away / the world was fair in Durin’s Day.

Artist Kinko-White has created a collection of beautiful watercolors featuring characters, objects, and places from The Lord of the Rings and The Hobbit fi

In Lothlorien, Galadriel gave gifts to all the fellowship, including a new bow and arrows to Legolas - his Lothlorien bow. This bow has an ornate Elven . Lothlorien bow of Legolas Greenleaf