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an odd looking object made out of paper and colored tape with bells on the side
Come si fa un cappello da giullare
three party hats and ties on a table
a clown head hanging from the side of a door decorated with streamers and polka dots
Crafts & games – Famous Last Words
a wooden christmas tree with lights on it
A net legjobbjai képekben! - Fotók, videók, érdekességek a nagyvilágból.
cute idea - use branches like shelves, and set ornaments or Christmas decorations on each tier instead of hanging them! a space-efficient Christmas tree is born.
a paper plate with a clown face made out of multicolored pieces of construction paper
Palhaço serpentinas!!!
Clown Crafts A white sheet of paper drew the face of a clown then painted with felt pens and crayons. On paper of various colors we cut out strips. We put together the strips in pairs and doubled one over the other, as shown in the picture, forming small "accordions". At the end we glue these Little