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Sotiris Koulis

Sotiris Koulis
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Toyota Corolla WRC fitted with a whole new kind of launch control.

Toyota Corolla WRC specifically made for the WRC, a 3 door body shell with modified engine and system from the Celica 1997 - 1999

Toyota Corolla WRC (Toyota Castrol Team) - Carlos Sainz

Toyota Corolla WRC, double WRC champion driver Carlos Sainz with co-driver Lois Moyà gained its first victory with the Monte Carlo Rally in 1998

― Yasid Designさん( 「Not your usual Supra (GTR) Salvaged parts from a as well as a 650 Thought that this would…」

Dem trumpets!! AE86TWIN CAM

Toyota with individual throttle bodies. The motor out of the Trueno/Levin/Corolla. It's a compact little powerhouse that has defined a generation of car lovers the world over.

Toyota iQ Interior

The Toyota iQ 2016 model is just a progression from the past models of the auto and offers enhanced outline in the interior, exterior, and the engine.

Scion black of course, with hot pink/camo accessories!♥!♥

in black of course, with hot pink/camo accessories!