Gythio, Greece.

Gythio, Greece This workaday fishing town, with little tourism and a hearty charm, has a harborfront perfect for a sunset stroll and plenty of cheap restaurants and good affordable hotels.

TRAVEL'IN GREECE I Shipwreck near #Gytheio, #Peloponnese, #Greece

Shipwreck near to Gytheio in Laconia, Greece

Gythio 017

The village of Gythio, Greece (in the Peloponnese) in October

Γύθειο Gythio Greece

Γύθειο Gythio Greece

Gytheio, Mani Peninsula, Peloponnese Western Greece n de Ionian Island_ Greece

Gytheio by Thomas Mulchi on

Gythio lighthouse - Gythio, Lakonia

This photo from Lakonia, Peloponnesus is titled 'Gythio lighthouse'.