Painting Rocks Stoner DIY by Chronic Crafter

Stoned and Painting a Rock


I'm sure his fangirls would beg to differ- Shut up Jackson you are beutiful

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Looool OMG XD

Her face explains all.Looool OMG Tablo and Haru XD


loving the style oppa! (he can do a spilt much respect e arned oppa even though im trash for u


Bwa hahahahaahah dies haha mmm smell lol im dead now all my men dressed like girl and theyre still more fabulous than I am

LOL BTS suga

I fell like Suga is like Beyoncé at times with all his sassiness. XD bts suga so freaking adorable.oops, i mean 'swaggy'

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Ded Also fun fact: that means he would have eaten bowls of rice a year. That's just under 3 bowls of rice a day. So I mean, this could be correct.:) I fucking love Jimin

This is why 'V' is the bias ruiner in BTS, he's too cute to resist

Ok I am sorta tired of hearing people call tae "alien tae". He even said himself that he hates that nickname so can't we just stop?

GD ♦

G Dragon is a South Korean rapper, singer-songwriter, lyricist, model and producer and sometimes a Fanboy.

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Jhope in his own world but looks up only to laugh at Jimin. True friend right…