More Than Just Waveforms

At SoundCloud waveforms are the name of our game. But they're not just limited to sounds online. Here are some other waveforms that caught our interest.
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a black and white sound wave poster hanging on a wall
Everyday Listening - Sound Art, Sound Installations, Sonic Inspiration
Audio Visual, a project by Peter Crawley, shows us the waveforms of popular songs, neatly stitched on a piece of cardboard. Here we see a visual representation of Whole Lotta Love, with the waveform of one minute of audio on each line.
an image of sound waves on a metal pole in front of a white wall with grey walls
A waveform made of of vinyl?!
a sheet of paper with different types of sound waves on it, including microphones
Waveform based artwork? Sounds perfect! Not sure what that plastic thing is though...
an image of sound waves on a black background
A super colourful waveform, I wonder how it sounds?
A waveform necklace! Lab Fashion, Soundwave Jewelry, Layered Jewellery, Soft Circuits, Girl Geek, Wearable Electronics, Promotion Ideas, Fab Lab, Fashion Technology
Jewelry shaped by your voice. The original. #bzabiz
A waveform necklace!