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two people on stage one is playing guitar and the other is holding another person up in the air
a movie poster for the film cripta l'incubo starring actors
a painting of a man holding a doll in front of a graveyard with tombstones
the movie poster for the film's theatrical starring, la vierge des morts vivants
A Virgin Among The Living Dead
the house by the cemetery movie poster with an evil man holding a knife in his hand
."No, no, no...you make a LEFT by the The House by the Cemetery."
an image of two people on stage with guitars and one is holding his arms in the air
a woman playing an electric guitar on stage
Randy Rhoads "Wizard Of Ozz" 1975-82
a man standing on top of a stage holding a guitar
a man standing on top of a stage holding a yellow guitar
Randy Rhoads onstage during the Diary Of a Madman tour 🎸 3rd January 1982 🎭 Selland Arena 🎭 Fresno, CA