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Sputnik II was launched on November 3. 1957. It was the second spacecraft launched into Earth's orbit and the first to carry an animal, Laika, a female samoyed terrier. There was no capability for returning for returning Laika to Earth. It was planned that she would run out of oxygen after 10 days but she probably only survived a day or two. The mission provided scientist with the first data on the behavior of a living organism in space.

Laika, russian dog, first dog in space. Laika died within hours after launch from possibly caused by a failure of the central sustainer to separate from the payload, poor baby!

Router Sled Table to Flatten Slabs

I have a shop full of slabs, some of which are too big for my jointer and/or planer. So, I had to either buy some larger tools or use what I had on hand to come up to a solution. I wanted to make a router sled that would let me flatten my slabs.