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the virgin mary holding a child in her arms
an image of the virgin mary surrounded by angels and palm trees with flowers in their hands
an image of jesus holding a cross with the words, god saucorum horor et gloria
Child Jesus
an image of jesus holding a lamb with the words if jesus i our friend, the thou our guide and our protector
French holy card
an angel holding a lamb in its arms with the words, a special begge for you
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an image of the virgin mary and her children
María poderosa, Reina del cielo y tierra, que huellas victoriosa la frente de Luzbel. Por Dios que hacerte pudo vencer en cruda guerra, sé del cristiano escudo, imán del pecho infiel. Cual siervo de tu nombre, lucero de los mares, así se humilla el hombre buscando vida y luz. Y al fin, de polo a polo, del mundo en los altares reine doquier tan solo la gloria de la Cruz. Amén. (Antonio Arnao)
an image of jesus holding the baby jesus in his arms and standing next to him
the Chosen donkey
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an old fashioned christmas card with angels and children
an image of the immaculate mary holding a chalicee and a cup in her hands
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