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Anna Schmid, "I am interested in the tension between two pulses between bulge and depression, between motion and rest. I like to work on a free topic, looking in a fresh approach to jewelry creation. "  The shapes then tell stories of dancing happiness of buds that break full of energy and growth - but also of the power of sound and silence, the rest.
Dangling Leaves Earrings by Judith Neugebauer: Silver and Gold Earrings available at
ANS HOUBEN-BE Bes Necklace 01
Josephine Gaetani - Jeweller / Designer
Heidi Abrahamson Large pendants, pewter & brass.
Metallic leaf-inspired earrings are a simple way to make a striking statement. Empowering marginalized women in Northern India. Color ways available below. Earrings are 3.5" long and 1.25" wide. All r
Janet Hinchliffe McCutcheon
The strongest loop knot you can tie