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Full body FRIYAY 🥵🔥
Full Body FRIYAY 🥵🔥 I had to share last weeks full body because it was so good and deserved a permanent spot on the feed! ⚠️FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTION⚠️ “what does a workout from inside @movementwithjulie weekly workouts look like?” ⬇️ Here’s what the CIRCUIT looked like ⬇️ 1 min AMRAP Plank DB pulls • 10 squat to lateral raises • 20 weighted straight leg dead bugs • 1 min AMRAP in and out DB snatches 12 glute bridge pullovers REST for 2 mins…REPEAT 3x It should take you right around 28-32 mins to complete 💪🏼🔥 NOT having a plan was one of the MOST detrimental things I did in my fitness journey. ⁣😢😞 • ⁣ Random workouts = random results Need a plan? I’ve got you 💪🏼🥳 Dumbbell workouts are not only crazy convenient, especially as we head into the cooler, dark
One dumbbell full body workout 💯 NO EXCUSES
NOT having a plan was one of the MOST detrimental things I did in my fitness journey. ⁣😢😞 Random workouts = random results Need a plan? I’ve got you 💪🏼🥳 Dumbbell workouts are not only crazy convenient, especially as we head into the cooler, darker and busier months, but they’re just as effective as gym workouts if you’re doing them right and can truly be done just about anywhere!! I’ve seen: • in your bedroom or in home office • living room • unfinished or finished basement • garage • porch or deck when it’s nice The reason so many women find dumbbell workouts to be so crazy effective is because they’re able to stick CONSISTENT with them. Here’s what you can do them: • Before workday begins • During nap or playtime • After everyone has gone to bed Want t
How to get ABS very Fast at home
Kettlebell workout
This workout will set your muscles on 🔥! Kettlebells are SO.MUCH.FUN. If you’ve always stared curiously at them in the gym space (like I did for so long)- it’s time to pick them up and take them for a spin! 💪🏼Kettlebells are not only great for overall strengthening, but also improve core stability, coordination, and grip strength. 🔥You HAVE to try this Killer Kettlebell Workout- be sure to save because you’ll be wanting to come back to it over and over again! Here’s how it works: Complete the 2 strength moves in each set for 45 seconds each, then repeat for 2 rounds total. For all one-sided moves, complete one side/round. After completing set twice, complete the Cardio Burst for 1 min. Rest 30-45 sec and move to next set. 🔥Set #1: Lateral lunge >> Squat (complete one side/rou
Inner thigh workout for sexy and slim inner thighs!
All can be done from home
✖️ set your timer for 45 seconds or aim for 10 repetitions, repeat 3 times !
✖️ set your timer for 45 seconds or aim for 10 repetitions, repeat 3 times ! This exercise work: Glutes Thighs Arms Shoulders Back * posture * Core * always core with me * Pelvic floor * balance * Cc : @fitbykimmy #oneexercise #womensfitnesscoach #comboexercises #weightedexercises #quickworkouts #postnatalfitness #londonfitness #londonhealth #mumsfitness #workoutsforwomen #dumbbellworkout #dumbbellexercises #fullbodyexercise #womensonlinecoach#fyp #fitfusionjourney7#fitbeautymom
Compound exercises
Back Staples Workout With Dumbell
Killer upper body workout
Workout details here! 💪🏼Did you know that almost every upper-body exercise involves your shoulder muscles to some extent? 💪🏼Prioritizing lifting shoulders allows you to get stronger and lift heavier weights for chest and back exercises! Strong shoulders also help prevent injury and make daily movements so much easier (think lifting, carrying, and pushing- I’m talking to YOU mammas!). 💪🏼Best of all, shoulders are often one of the first areas you’ll see muscle definition- so keep those lifts comin’ and you’ll be feeling amazing in that tank top! 🔥💪🏼Try this Straight Set Shoulder Workout this week 💪🏼🔥 :Complete each move for 3 sets before moving to next move! 💪🏼Open + Raise: 8 reps 💪🏼Single Arm Row to Press: 8 reps/side 💪🏼Lateral Raise: 10 reps 💪🏼Curl to Press: 10 reps 💪?
Ladies, another combo exercise that’s an absolute game-changer!
This exercise targets: - Glutes - Thighs - Arms - Shoulders - Back - Abs (always prioritising core strength- & girl, does this one hit your abs #gymlife #gymgirl #gymtok #weightloss #diet #fitfam #challenge #fitgym #workout #cut #grind #physique #slimwaistworkout #glutesworkout #fitbodygoals #bodygymgoals #flatstomachworkout #lowerabworkout #abworkout #abworkoutsathome #lowerabworkout #stomachworkout #workouts #flatbellyworkout #fitnessforgirls #homeworkoutideas #girlsfitnessjourney #womenworkou
Chest and back
🔥Try this 20 min chest + back superset workout: Complete the two superset moves for recommended reps back to back 3x before moving to next superset. 🔥superset 1️⃣: W-Y press: 12 reps Wide row: 12 reps 🔥superset 2️⃣: Bird dog row: 6 per side Single arm iso chest press: 6 per side 🔥superset 3️⃣: Bridge pec fly: 12 reps Push ups: 12 reps Want more quick + effective upper body workouts? Comment LIFT and I’ll send you my full upper body guide for free! 💪🏼 😘
Kettlebell workout!
Women's Inner Thigh Workout
Women's Inner Thigh Workout Ready to tone and strengthen your lower body? This women's inner thigh workout features effective exercises to help you achieve your fitness goals. Say goodbye to flabby thighs and hello to toned muscles! Whether you're new to fitness or a seasoned pro, these exercises will challenge and empower you. Click the link for more details and start your fitness journey today! Credit: tiktok@maiafitness .
Strong Core Series: 5 dumbbell moves that build a strong core 🔥
I HAVE A CHALLENGE FOR YOU: ditch the gym and try dumbbell only workouts at home for the next 30 days and watch your RESULTS skyrocket 📈 🔥👊🏼 you ready?! I’ve got you!!
Full Body Pilates Circuit! 🧘‍♀️
Tone your entire body with this sweaty Pilates workout from @pilatesbyalice__. Repeat 4-5 times for best results! #workout #wellness #pilates
Back + Biceps 💪🏼 circuit | Fitness for Moms
16 Minutes Standing Abs Workout | Standing Abs Workout for Women #absworkout
ARMPIT FAT WORKOUT | Bra Bulge Exercises
dumbbell only upper body workout 🏋🏼‍♀️
one dumbbell full body workout for women 🏋🏼‍♀️
Mastering Fitness at Home: The Power of HIIT Home Workouts
Total body adjustable bench workout
Looking to up your workout game 💪🏼? Grab an adjustable bench to take those strength workouts to the next level 🙌🏼 Adjustable benches allow for a variety of exercises that target different muscle angles during workouts, allow for muscle specific isolation, and can help increase intensity. Try this total body adjustable bench workout and you’ll feel the 🔥💪🏼🔥. Repeat entire workout 2x. 🔥Lateral Step Ups: 8 reps/leg 🔥Bulgarian Split Squats: 8 reps/leg 🔥Dumbbell Pullover: 12 reps 🔥Preacher Curls: 8 reps/arm 🔥Single Leg Squat >> Curtsy Lunge: 6 reps/leg 🔥Scissor Step Ups: 12 reps total 🔥Chest Supported Wide Rows: 12 reps 🔥Incline Chest Press: 12 reps 🔥Bench Rows: 8 reps/side 🔥Tricep Dips: 12 reps 🔥Bench Moguls: 12 reps total
Killer Kettlebell Workout
If you know me, you know there are 2 things I can’t resist: 🎶 A solid early ‘00s throwback And 🏋🏻‍♀️ a kettlebell workout…. Kettlebells are SO MUCH FUN. They are also challenging to swing around, force you to engage your core, and improve your balance and mobility. No kettlebell? No problem! You can adapt your grip on a dumbbell for these moves. Be sure to save this workout to add to your routine this week! 🔥💪🏼20 MIN Full body kettlebell workout💪🏼🔥: Repeat each move in the set for 1 min each. Rest 1 min, repeat entire set 2x before moving to the next set. 🔥Set #1: 1 min each, repeat entire set 2x Glute Bridge Pull Over Single leg forward row (one side per set) Shoulder tap to half burpee 🔥Set #2: 1 min each, repeat entire set 2x Lateral to curtsy lunge Squat >> curl >> pr
Active recovery stretching
I 🫶🏻 my foam roller…so much! If I have time, I love adding a 10 min roll out sesh at the end of my workouts. I always make it a priority to roll out 20 mins + on rest/active recovery days to give my muscles a massage 💆🏻‍♀️ Try doing these moves for 30 sec each, per side- thank me later.
Booty sculpting workout
Got 🍑booty🍑 goals? Start strengthening and sculpting your glutes with this quick and effective 20 min superset circuit! 🍑Booty Superset: Complete each move in superset for recommended reps, back to back. Repeat each superset 3x before moving to next! 🍑Superset 1: Single Leg Deadlift: 8 reps/side Graduating Lunge (45 degree / 90 degree/ curtsy): 8 reps/side 🍑Superset 2: Split Squats: 8 reps/side Single Leg Bridge: 8 reps/side 🍑Superset 3: Elevated hip thrust: 10 reps Kickback to Fire Hydrant: 8 reps/side Love working lower body? Comment GUIDE to grab my ✨FREE✨lower body guide, complete with add on circuits to sculpt and strengthen your glutes, hamstrings, and quads!
Total body strength
Ditch the hour + long sessions at the gym and swap out intentional, heavy lifting for 30 mins at a time (it’s all you need!) and you’ll maximize your energy, results, and get your life back! Even better- you can get an amazing workout with a set of dumbbells at your house! I love incorporating deep core moves into my strength sessions! You’ll feel the burn from these moves. Try this total body workout this week: Complete each move for 12 reps, 3x. 💪🏼Dumbbell thrusters: 12 reps 💪🏼Reverse lunge to knee drive: 12 reps/side 💪🏼Row to kickback: 12 reps 💪🏼Side plank rotation: 12 reps/side 💪🏼Sumo squat curl: 12 reps 💪🏼Plank drag: 12 reps total 💪🏼Rocket push up: 12 reps
🔥Superset 1: 3 way rows (neutral, underhand, wide): 8 per side Chest Press: 12 reps 🔥Superset 2: Weighted Pec Deck: 12 reps Bent Over Rows: 12 reps 🔥Superset 3: Offset Push Up: 8 per side Reverse Fly: 12 reps
Total body workout
Short on time but big on goals 💪🏼? You have to try this quick and effective total body 🔥TORCHER🔥. This pod workout hits all the spots- from arms and core to legs and lats! Here’s how it works: 3-2-1 Pod Format: In each pod, repeat the first move for 3 sets, the 2nd move for 2 sets, and the 3rd move for 1 set. 💪🏼Pod #1: Bird Dog Row x 3: 6 reps/side Renegade Row x 2: 12 reps total Tricep > Flare Push up x 1: 20 reps total 💪🏼Pod #2: Bicep Curls x 3: 10 reps Overhead Extension x 2: 15 reps Dumbbell Pullover x 1: 20 reps 💪🏼Pod #3: Single Side Lunge + Press x 3: 6 reps/side Dumbbell Thrusters x 2: 15 reps Cheek to Cheek x 1: 20 reps
5 move total body workout
🏋️‍♀️ Short and Simple, Yet Super Effective? Sign me up. 🏋️‍♂️⁣ With my kids out of school and my schedule having less predictability, the one thing I know I can count on is getting my strength workout done in 30 mins or less 🙌🏼. Gone are the days when soaked in sweat = best workout around. For me, I love building muscle, burning cals all day post workout, and tossing a hoodie over my workout clothes to meet up with friends. 💁🏻‍♀️ Ready to maximize your gains and save valuable time, all while feeling strong 💪🏼 and accomplished? Try this 5 move only total body crusher- your schedule and your muscles will thank you later! 💥⁣ Repeat each move for recommended reps for 3 sets total before moving to next move. 💪🏼Single Side Snatch: 12 reps/side 💪🏼Dumbbell Swing: 12 reps 💪🏼Na
Upper body workout
Who doesn’t want lean, toned, strong arms 💪🏼💪🏼?! I get asked A LOT about how to achieve definition in upper body- and people are often surprised when my answer is the LIFT HEAVY🏋🏻‍♀️ and EAT CLEAN 🍽️-that’s right- definition in your arms is directly tied to what you’re lifting with your fork too! When it’s time to lift upper body, I am ALL IN. This 3️⃣-2️⃣-1️⃣ pod workouts combines some of the best moves for strength and definition. You’ll LOVE this workout! 3-2-1 Upper Body Pods: Complete the first move in the pod for 3️⃣ sets, the second move for 2️⃣ sets, and the last move for 1️⃣ set. Complete entire pod before moving onto the next. 💪🏼Pod #1️⃣: Curls (12 reps) Lateral raises (15 reps) Tricep dips (20 reps) 💪🏼Pod #2️⃣: Straight arm press back: (10 reps) Hammer curl
Tank top arms!
Comment GUIDE for my brand new Tank Top Arms guide 💪🏼 packed with workouts, add ons, and bonuses to get those arms strong, toned, and ready for summer! Arm strength is so important for our ever day life 💪🏼- think about how often we’re carrying, lifting, pushing, and pulling every day🙌🏼! When lifting arms, don’t be afraid to lift heavy- those last 2 reps should be a STRUGGLE. 🔥💪🏼Tank Top Arms Workout: 1-2-3 Pod Style🔥💪🏼 Complete all moves in the pod for recommend reps and sets (1st move is 1 set, 2nd move is 2 sets, 3rd move is 3 sets) before moving to next pod. 🔥Pod 1: 💪🏼Bicep 30s (10 wide, 10 neutral, 10 v)- x1 💪🏼Alternating hammer curls: 15 reps total x2 💪🏼Bicep Curls: 10 reps x 3 🔥Pod 2: 💪🏼Weighted Dips: 20 reps x 1 💪🏼Kickbacks: 15 reps x 2 💪🏼Skull crushers
Chest, shoulders and back
You’ll want to save this 🔥Chest, Back, + Shoulder Workout🔥 Ladies- if you aren’t making strength training of your chest, back, and shoulders a priority - you need to add this workout in weekly! 💪🏼💪🏼💪🏼 Lifting these body parts improves posture, upper body muscle tone, helps you breath better, and makes every day activities so much easier (think: lifting, carrying, pushing, pulling, reach) 🔥Try this quick upper body pod workout: Complete the first move for 20 reps, 1x, second move for 15 reps, 2x, and third move for 10 reps, 3x. Repeat each pod 2x. 🔥Pod 1️⃣: Move 1: Static Single Leg Hip Bridge + Chest Press: 10 reps/side 1x Move 2: Single Arm Plank Rear Delt Raise: 15 reps/side 2x Move 3: Bird Dog Row: 10 reps/side 3x 🔥Pod 2️⃣: Skier Pulls: 20 reps/side Alternating single a
Core workout!
Love ‘em, hate ‘em- planks are one of the most universally effective core strengthening exercises you can do! They work multiple core muscles, activates your stabilizing muscles, and help develop the foundational strength needed for things like lifting, twisting, and carrying 🙌🏼 Better yet? Planks are low impact, making them accessible to all fitness levels, joint issues, etc! Need modifications? Take these moves on your knees or against a wall! ✨12 Min Super Plank Workout: This plank workout takes lots of twists on the traditional plank to work every angle and let the time fly by! Be sure to save. Repeat each exercise for 30 sec (3 min total). Rest 30 sec, repeat 4x. Perfect to add to the end of any workout! Looking to add some more core work into your routine? Comment GUIDE and
Back exercise
Not your average core workout
Ready to redefine your core workout 🔥 💪🏼 ? I’ve been diving into some seriously exciting, not-your-average ab exercises that are designed to take your core strength to the next level! 🚀 Try these unconventional moves to challenge your core in ways you’ve never imagined. Get ready to feel the burn, increase your ab strength, and sculpt those abs for some serious lean muscle definition! 💥 Not-Your-Average Core Workout: Complete each move for 45 seconds, resting for 15 seconds between each move. Repeat entire set 2-3x depending on your time! 🔥Bear Hold Sit Thru 🔥Bicycle Crunch to Single Leg Jack 🔥Pullover to Single Leg Bridge 🔥Penguin to Half Sit Up 🔥Dolphin Plank Pike 💥 Dive into these unconventional moves with me and let’s sculpt those abs into works of art. Core strength i