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Good morning! I've been getting lots of puppy love this week & he's with me now. I'm sure U got lots last night. I Love YOU! I know u probably don't want me pinning so please let me know for sure. I do still want to be here for U even as your best friend! I do miss you & care so deeply for U but if you still need time let me know. Be are special cargo! :-) Love U!!***

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BABY ----------- It's true, I wake up at night thinking about you. You are constantly on my mind. My greatest fear is that our wish for happiness together is not fulfilled. I will make you happy.

Most of all i've ignored the things that i cared for .


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Κομπλέ? Δύσκολο? Κατανοητό? Ας μην το δυσκολεύομαι λοιπόν και γεμίζουμε δικαιολογίες.

We don't want people to fill us or complete us, we just want them to like us, as much as we like them