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two women with hats on their heads and one is wearing a purple hat, the other has
red velvet x reveluv twitter struggle
a button with the name weezer on it in front of a woman's face
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mcu is a cheap copy of the loonaverse Pop, Songs, Leona Lewis, Confessions, Some Jokes, Just Love, Rls, Bad Guy
mcu is a cheap copy of the loonaverse [READ DESC.]
the text on the screen says, i miss the good old days when people would sleep with sm interns to give us info
the tweet is being used to describe what it's like for someone
Burst Out Laughing, All The Things Meme, Me Too Meme, Cry For Help
i was mcdonalds🤤😛⁉️
an iphone screen showing the members of k - pop group stayc / members on facebook
·˚ ༘🪐JIANLUVB♡T· ୧ ˚ ༘
an image of someone's tweeting on their twitter account with the caption
a woman sitting on the ground in front of stacks of wooden planks and wearing black
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some people are talking to each other on their cell phones and one is holding up the phone
a tweet with an image of a baseball player leaning on a fence post
the tweet is being displayed on the screen for people to use their cell phones
no place for vivi antis in this house
two tweets with the same caption for what's after like?
Average Stan:
Txt, Me As A Girlfriend
an image of a man on stage with his hands behind his head and the caption says,
a woman standing in front of some stairs
Seonghwa the gay heel wearing vampire
a woman standing in front of a pink wall
irene red velvet coquette kpop meme tweet twitter
#lesserafim #yunjin #kpop #girlgroup
two girls are talking to each other on their cell phones with the caption that says, music is so magic i love now it can take you to another place
lmao, she's the main gee hater
the woman is wearing a face mask and talking on her cell phone
the girl is drinking from a bottle and giving it thumbs up to someone on her phone
the dolls are in their boxes for sale
a woman sitting on top of a wooden box wearing a mouse hat and holding her hand to her mouth
when you sad but your fit hard 🔥😢
when you sad but your fit hard 🔥😢 heejin loona silly meme heejin meme heejin funny nobody understands the rat hat loona funny silly loona silly meme funny memes loona funny memes loona memes funny loona silly loona icons loona reaction pictures loonatheworld loona artms loossemble yves chuu xd rofl ijbolical funny silly lol lmao lmfao
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