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Another ancient material, wattle and daub is essentially the first drywall; drywall was made to replace plastered wood lath (thin strips of wood nailed to framing). Before there was wood lath over stick framing, people made walls of woven sticks, reeds, or other similar material — the 'wattle' — and plastered it with clay or manure plasters — 'the daub'. Not structural, this is generally an infill wall panel technique. Not very insulating, not for exterior use. But lightweight, and cheap.
The Chickadee tiny house on wheels is an 8′ × 24′ design by Brevard Tiny House.  The model features two lofts, stair storage, and a bathtub.  The abundant stair storage uses slide-out shelving and has room for an apartment-size refrigerator.
The Atelier Praxis, a modular tiny home manufactured exclusively by Minimalist in Quebec City. A 180 sq ft home with an innovative design to maximize space.