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three popsicles in plastic containers with wooden sticks sticking out of them and text overlay reading root beer float popsicles
Root Beer Float Popsicles {So Easy!} | Kid Friendly Things To Do
Root Beer Float Popsicle Floats are easy to make and such a fun summer treat. #homemade #popsicles #rootbeer #floats #kids #summer
orange creamsices with popsicle sticks sticking out of them
Easy Jello Orange Creamsicles
the classic whoopie pie from pennsylvania is an orange cookbook that you can make in minutes
Classic Whoopie Pie from Pennsylvania Grange Cookbook 1972 — Jodi Loves
the ultimate m & m rice krispy bars recipe is made with only three ingredients
Loaded M&M Rice Krispie Treats
1h 20m
peanut butter rice krispies stacked on top of each other with the title text overlay
5 Ingredient Rice Krispies Treats – EASY - Quick - Simple Chocolate Peanut Butter Rice Krispies Recipe – BEST Homemade Rice Krispies - Simple - Quick – Desserts – Snacks - Party Food
Check out these EASY Rice Krispies recipe. Tasty chocolate peanut butter Rice Krispies treats simple & quick. Cereal recipe easy Rice Krispies recipe. Great for breakfast, snacks or easy desserts, treats. Stock your freezer w/ homemade no baked goods. Make ahead healthy food to fill the freezer. Make peanut butter #chocolate treats ahead of time for a great freezer meal. Healthy freezer meal snacks. Simple ingredients u can get in your pantry or fridge. BEST #peanutbutter chocolate Rice Krispies
rice krispe treats are being held up in front of the camera with text overlay that reads perfect rice krispe treats
Rice Krispies Treats
chocolate cookies stacked on top of each other with the words no - bake is minute thin mints
No-Bake 15 Minute Thin Mints
chocolate covered donuts with sprinkles and nuts on top are sitting on a white plate
Girl Scout Samoas - CopyKat Recipes
3h 5m
homemade samosa cookies with chocolate drizzled on top and the words, just taste
The Best Homemade Samoas Cookies Recipe
elderberry popsicles with mint and blueberries on them
Elderberry Popsicles Recipe - Kid-Approved Popsicles for Sore Throats!
the granola bars recipe is shown in this poster, with instructions for how to make it
10 No Bake Granola Bars - Andi Anne
Biscuits, Pretzel, Homemade Chocolate Chip Granola Bars, Chocolate Chip Granola Bars, Healthy Chocolate Chip
The BEST Homemade Chocolate Chip Granola Bar Recipe
Homemade Granola Bars Smoothie Recipes, Homemade Granola Bar Recipe, Easy Homemade Granola Bars, Homemade Granola, Homemade Chocolate Chips, Good Healthy Recipes
Homemade Granola Bars
This easy homemade granola bars recipe is sure to become your favorite! Not only do they come out soft and chewy with a slight crunch, but they also contain no preservatives or HFCS. Great as a healthy breakfast on the go or a snack for kids! One batch won't last long!
watermelon gummies are in a jar with slices of watermelon next to them
Sour Watermelon Homemade Gummies
frozen applesauce snack bites in a glass bowl
Frozen Applesauce Snack Bites (Healthy Snacks For Kids!)
a white plate topped with sliced up apples
Apple Night Night Magnesium Gummy Recipe - Grassfed Mama
The Apple Night Night Gummies Recipe will help your kids fall asleep at night and also can help with any constipation issues.
the words easy electrolyte gummies are shown in front of an assortment of gummy
Easy Electrolyte Gummies (Animal-Based, Real Fruit)
the ingredients to make homemade bedtime gummies
3 Ingredient Bedtime Gummies
3 Ingredient Bedtime Gummies (Paleo, GAPS) - Prepare + Nourish
a plate filled with different fruits and vegetables on top of a white table next to purple flowers
Homemade Fruit Snacks
homemade fruit snacks with beets and carrots in a jar
Healthy Homemade Fruit Snacks (with veggies!) - Dessert for Two
homemade natural fruit gummy bears in a white bowl and on a table with text overlay that reads homemade natural fruit gummy bears
Homemade Gummy Bears
Homemade Gummy Bears or Fruit Snacks. Easy to make, naturally flavored and colored with fruit. Much healthier than store bought!
a jar filled with red heart shaped fruit snacks
No Sugar Added Strawberry Fruit Snacks | Dashing Dish
2 cups strawberries, 1/2 cup Lemon juice, Honey to taste, 7 Tbs gelatin. Put strawberries and lemon in Vitamix or high speed blender and blend til smooth. Put in a sauce pan on low heat then add gelatin and whisk til smooth. Take off heat and add honey. Put in molds and chill. When you use a Vitamix or similar blender you don't need to worry about seeds, everything gets pulverized.
orange creamsice gummies are cut into squares and placed on top of each other
Homemade Gummies: these orange creamsicle gummies are so easy!
two plates filled with hummus and dipping sauce
Keto Hummus
This keto hummus is ultra creamy, smooth, and thick-packed with garlic, tahini, olive oil, and cauliflower. This keto appetizer tastes like a traditional hummus recipe but this hummus without chickpeas contains only 3 grams of net carbs per serving.
homemade samosa cookies with chocolate drizzled on top and the words, just taste
The Best Homemade Samoas Cookies Recipe
This Homemade Samoas Cookies recipe stars a buttery shortbread base piled high with a mix of toasted coconut and caramel that’s dunked and drizzled in dark chocolate. #cookierecipes #cookies #girlscoutcookies #justatasterecipes
no - melt yogurt drops in a bowl and on a tray
How To Make Yogurt Drops at Home
How To Make Yogurt Bites | Kitchn
1h 0m
someone is holding up some gummy candies with the words watermelon lemonade gut gummies super healthy gummy candy
Watermelon Lemonade "Love Your Gut" Gummies. A homemade gummy candy for improved gut health.
Healthy Gut Healing Gummies. An ideal snack for improved gut health. Including supportive ingredients like gelatin for improved gut health and sweetened naturally with honey. Paleo, Keto, Whole30 #GutHealth #Gummies #Paleo #Keto via @abrapappa
chocolate covered strawberry yogurt bites are the best healthy treat
Chocolate Covered Strawberry Yogurt Bites
red fruit with text that reads 4 ingredient real fruit strawberry gummies
4-Ingredient Homemade Strawberry Gummies (With Real Fruit)
honey lollipops in a glass jar with the title above it
How to Make Homemade Honey Lollipops With or Without Sugar
Find out just how easy it is to make your own healthy homemade honey lollipops. These sweet treats are also great for gifting or stirring into your favorite cup of tea. Make them either with or without refined sugar following this two way recipe. handmade healthy treats for kids, honey candy, no sugar added, paleo, gluten free
1h 0m
homemade tart cherry gummies in a glass jar
Tart Cherry Gummies
2h 20m
homemade gummys in a glass jar with text overlay that reads homemade gummies gut - healing and so delicious
Gut Healing Gummies
5 hours · Gluten free Paleo · Serves 4 · These gut healing gummies couldn’t be easier, and they’re a candy with health benefits! They’re super delicious, too.
two chocolate chip cookies sitting on top of a cookie sheet
Giant Thick Chocolate Chip Cookies - Even Better Than Any Bakery.
a white plate topped with cut up vegetables
30 Healthy Homemade Lunch Box Snacks Your Kid Will Actually Eat
cherries in a bowl next to an ice cream scooper and cherry sorbet
Cherry Sherbet
Delicious Cherry's dairy free and vegan, but you wouldn't know. And has less added sugar too! #splendasweeties #sweetswaps ad
lemon sorbet is the perfect dessert for 3 ingredients
Lemon Sorbet Recipe - Just 3 ingredients, and so refreshing!
How to make easy lemon sorbet (dairy free, vegan)
Protein, Clean Eating Snacks
Protein Packed Peaches and Cream Fruit Gummies Recipe