Rare Albino Animals

17 Rare Albino Animals

is not Albino. Horses cannot be albino. There is this little thing called the LETHAL WHITE SYNDROME where all albino horses die within hours because they have a nonfunctioning colon! The horse in this picture is CREMELLO

This painting called Indigo Night by Michelle Grant looks alot like Jo's horse Star.

Indigo Night by Michelle Grant ~ Michelle Grant has been featured in Horses in Art magazine many times.

Horse art - Entendido XXXIV - Caballos Mayoral. 30/40 pastel

Discover thousands of images about Horse art - Entendido XXXIV - Caballos Mayoral.

Silver Buckskin Quarter Horse

Name:Silver Sunshine Breed:Quarter Horse Color:Silver Buckskin Gender:Stallion Dam:Unknown Sire:Unknown Skills:Reining, Roping, Trail Points: 3500 Comments: He's gorgeous

Beautiful horse

Gorgeous horse on the beach - Love Biscuit (Doc) Gypsy Vanner Stallion

Beautiful white grey horse under the yellow flower bush tree. Such a pretty white clean horse.


Title: "Western Pleasure" Size: X Media: Coloured pencil on illustration board These are the featured works of Deborah Strong. For a brief biography please check out our research files on The Drawing Society of Canada drawing masters page

gorgeous Polomino

~HORSES~ This is a Beautiful golden palomino.God's beauty shines in how He made this lovely animal! God knows how to make everything wonderful! See, hear, feel, talk to God in the Love of everyone of God's creations!

Line up Race Horses!

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