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Me: Vincent run! *me and vincent get in fighter jet* Vincent: SHOOT IT DOWN! *mushroom cloud*

Me: Vincent run! *me and vincent get in fighter jet* Vincent: SHOOT IT DOWN! *mushroom cloud* ---Some people really fantasize about being with Vincent.

What we all see when he comes out of the box... ;__;

I love watching my friends play fnaf 2 for the first time, because they don't know why they want to keep the music box playing.

If u had not read the one were purple guy listens to it's been so you will not get this (nixy walks into the room purple guy has never seen her) purple guys mind :who is that animatronic?and why is she here? Nixy:GET YOUR HANDS OFF PUPPET! Purple guy: well looks like a new target came around nixy:WTF U R A CREEP come on puppet let's go! (Purple guy grabs her as her and puppet walk out) purple guy: you just made a bad choice nixy: puppet go I got dis (puppet runs out of the room) what do u…

There is a mini game after you beat fnaf and there is a voice spelling out "SAVE THEM ; HELP THEM," and once the mini game is over, the purple man states at the bottom left of the screen," You can't.

Eyebrows <--------- what did I just look at...------> mastery. U just looked at mastery

A scene re-drawn from the episode "Rise of the Spinjitsu Master". i just really like Zane and this scene didn't look too hard to draw, so there ya go. c: art (c) me characters and Ninjago (c) LEGO .

Freddy Fazbear Freddy Fazbear(FNAF2) Toy Freddy 2.0 Freddy and Soul (FNAF3) Nightmare Freddy Freddy FNAFWord       Bonnie TimeLine: edgar-games.deviantart.com/art&hell...

: Bon-Bon the marionett and Bonnet Guys Please STOP talking nonsense or crap, like: "its first fnaf 2 not or "nightmare bonnie comes fi. Bonnie FNAF (Time line)