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Immediate Treatment of a Myocardial Infarction Client “MONA TASS” Cardiovascular Care Nursing Mnemonics and Tips: http://nurseslabs.com/cardiovascular-care-nursing-mnemonics-tips/
Management of Heart Failure: “DAD BOND CLASH” Cardiovascular Care Nursing Mnemonics and Tips: http://nurseslabs.com/cardiovascular-care-nursing-mnemonics-tips/:
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Chart: The 5 classes of immunoglobulins (Igs). IgA, IgM, IgG, IgE and IgD #immunology #nursing #NursingSchool #antibodies
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Most asthma sufferers use inhalers to control their breathing. The asthma inhaler gives quick relief when finding in hard to breath and control the asthma. There are many types of inhalers and they are prescribed to asthma patients according to their diagnosis. But they all work towards controlling the asthma and preventing any serious damage from happening.
Great Construction of Pharmacology Antidotes. A few others to add: Praxbind for Pradaxa, Albuterol and/or insulin for Klor-con/K-Dur -> hyperK, lipid emulsion for CCB refractory to Ca to outcompete binding sites/glucagon/insulin for stimulation - idea behind lipid is that it binds CCB due to the lipophilic properties of CCBs, but more concern with NON-DHP CCBs d/t the affinity and selectivity for cardiac receptors vs peripheral receptors.
New Views on Opioid Equivalency- good to know since I am allergic to most/ all of the left side of this diagram. Here's to hoping I never get seriously injured!
Dangerous drug interactions
Antibiotics Do's and Don'ts Doctors Too Often Prescribe 'Big Guns'; Impatient Patients Demand a Quick Fix | Wall Street Journal