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Stelios Daskalopoulos

Stelios Daskalopoulos
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Audi Workshop Service Repair Manual Download

Audi Workshop Service Repair Manual Download

You probably think of lawn maintenance as a summer-only task. However, there are still a few tasks to be done year round. This chart shows you what needs to be done and when.

You can make lawn-maintenance confusion a thing of the past once you have a handy chart on-hand. Whether it’s mowing, aerating, raking or watering, Lifehacker’s seasonal lawn maintenance cheat sheet clarifies the grey areas on how to keep your lawn green.

Interesting Info - Kite Gear for Sale Kiteboarding by

Selling your kite surfing gear? Learn what Kiteboarding gear is the most popular and when / where in this infographic featuring riders Susi Mai & Annabel van Westerop from Cabrinha Kites

Kite Control Basics

If you want to learn kiteboarding or kitesurfing in Charleston, contact us now! We have the best Charleston kiteboarding lessons and kitesurfing gear for sale.

How to use the Wind Window in kiteboarding

The wind window is the name given to the three-dimensional area downwind of the pilot that the kite can fly in. The wind window is the fundamental theory behind kiteboarding.