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a pigeon with a hat on its head sitting on the floor next to a window
Fabulous Animals Wearing Tiny Hats
a close up view of a bird's face
There Was An Attempt
a pigeon is standing in the water wearing yellow boots
a bird that is flying in the air with it's wings spread wide open
Green Pepper on Twitter
Green Pepper on Twitter: "鳩を紹介するのに片方の翼を持ち上げてこう言う風に写すのかとちょっと感動した。これなら羽を広げた時にどんな模様なのか分かりやすい。… "
Meet your Posher, Paddy Funny Birds, Pigeon Pictures, Pet Pigeon, Gatos
Meet your Posher, Paddy
Check out this listing I just found on Poshmark: Meet your Posher, Paddy. #shopmycloset #poshmark #shopping #style #pinitforlater #Meet the Posher #Other
a black and white photo of a bird wearing a top hat
Animals – theCHIVE
two birds standing next to each other with a quote on the back one is black and white
The feelings in this photo
two birds are standing on top of each other in the sand and one bird is looking down
two seagulls are sitting on a dock next to the water
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