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the size and width of a couch with measurements for each seat, including the headboard
Cyrus Divan
the measurements for an outdoor floor lamp are shown in blue and white, with one light on
IKEA Aläng Floor Lamp
the measurements for an ikea bed with drawers and headboard are shown in blue
IKEA Bestå Burs Desk
the measurements for a tall bookcase with two shelves and one shelf on each side
Coven Hall Tree
the ikea havsta storage combination - shelving unit is shown in blue
IKEA Havsta Storage Combination - Shelving Unit
the ikea giant storage combination is shown with measurements for each drawer and side drawers
IKEA Galant Storage Combination - Low (2-Wide)
the measurements for a bed frame and headboard are shown in three different sizes, including two
Risom Desk
the dimensions guide for sofas and loveseats
Como 92" Sofa
the measurements for a couch and ottoman are shown in blue on a white background with text
Mimico Storage Ottoman