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Best collection of Picture Quotes from Albert Einstein. Inspirational and famous quotes and sayings from Albert Einstein and other popular celebrities.

Page 5 - GIF Stache - Funny Animated GIFs

Page 2 - GIF Stache - Funny Animated GIFs OMG you have to watch this,it's amazing! I think this is impossible.

We like Mickey Mouse best. Which one's your favourite?  #FunnyInfographics #Smile #SaturdayFun

How To Pass Time On The Train To Work… this is awesome.

Statuen dreist geschändet.. :P :D

Here are some people who are having way too much fun with statues. The Abe Lincoln one is so wrong but hilarious!

Part of me is laughing and the other part is cringing---seriously not cool people.... :(

I'm not even OCD and they bother me. 13 Photos that will freak out every OCD person - These WILL make your brain cry

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I was banned from the laundry basket as a kid as my unmatched sock habit led to me borrowing Ma's, Dad's, plus sis's, no biggie 4 me but it irritated the crap out of my family! Life is too short to waste time matching socks

Simple - Albert Einstein quote i have trouble explaining most things simply..this is concerning

If you can't explain it simply. This is my philosophy for teaching and I use it to measure how well I understand concepts.

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