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a white door with rust on it and a hat hanging on the wall next to it
Creation Museum (part 2) | Gas • Food • No Lodging
exhibit from The Creation Museum in Petersburg, Kentucky; photography by Jeremy Nixon.
two hands reaching out from the grass to reach something
Creepy Images/Page 18
Creepy....i would like to take a picture like this with some friends
the door is open and there are many hands reaching out
Bizarre And Creepy Photography
Bizarre And Creepy Photography, zombies finally getting into the room. from the potential victims point of view. shot in black and white to put emphasis on the dark 'reality' of the situation. Everything in the picture looks very static bar the hands. scary mood.
the door is open and it has graffiti on it
"Scratched" by Mighty Maik. Shot in an abandoned psychiatric hospital in the Netherlands. A door to one of the patient's room is pretty badly scratched by someone...or something... #asylum
an old bag is laying on top of a bed in a run down room with paint peeling off the walls
Restraints in an abandoned asylum - because who doesn't like creepy abandoned asylums.
a creepy figure sitting on the floor in an empty room with chains hanging from it's sides
Halloween asylum inspiration
I see we're all here. Good night. Psychology, Mental Health, Anger, Ptsd, Mental Disorders, Narcissism, Bipolar Disorder, Interpersonal Relationship, Mental Health Awareness
Clinically Clueless
I see we're all here. Good night.
a wooden table sitting in front of a wall with graffiti on it
Asylum Power Plant
Asylum Power Plant | Flickr - Photo Sharing!
an old rusty cart sitting in the middle of a room
Inside the abandoned asylums of America: Haunting images of the rusting gurneys and operating tables used for terrifying Nazi-style experiments
Pictured a gurney with restraints inside an empty asylum
black and white photograph of an old wooden door with birds perched on the top bars
W Eugene Smith - Patient in a mental hospital. Outskirts of Port-au-Prince. Haiti, 1958. @designerwallace
a black and white photo of a woman with makeup on her face, wearing a dress
Asylum-Inspired Editorials
Asylum-Inspired Editorials
a woman holding a creepy doll in her arms
Insane Asylum
Insane Asylum Patients | Insane Asylum | | The Online Writing Community
a sign that is on the side of a door
Asylum sign idea on Halloween Forum