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Cristina Stathopoulos

Cristina Stathopoulos
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THE 'FLOATING FOREST' IN HOMEBUSH BAY near Sydney Australia. "....though none are enveloped by nature quite like the Ayrfield. The ship continues to attract visitors to its majestic presence, rich with mangrove trees."

Image by Neerav Bhatt Image by Steve Dorman Image by Rodney Campbell Image by Louise Evangelique Image by Louise Evangelique The SS Ayrfield also known as the “floating forest” is one o…

When in Rome: Eat At The Restaurants the Tourists Don't Know About : Condé Nast Traveler

Da Enzo Located in the most peaceful part of eastern Trastevere, this genuine Roman trattoria has a serious focus on quality of ingredients, with all their eggs, meat, wine and cheese being organic. The olive oil comes from the verdant Viterbo area

7 Awesome Things to Do in Rome

What are the things to do in Rome? A full week wouldn’t be enough to see all the famous attractions of Rome. Here are 7 Awesome Things to Do in Rome