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{fc:Maxence Danet Fauvel}my name is William. I'm 25, according to humans. Ive lost track of the number actually. I haven't had a lover in about a century, it's very lonely. I'm bi. I like to watch the humans, they are interesting. I have the ability to speak telepathically.
the darkling
Lucky Blue Smith ❤️
Björn by Fanny Latour-Lambert
Morse Code Minimalist Tattoo | Send a message by Morse Code. It could be something as simple as a single word (Faith, Hope, Love, Sisters, Strength, etc) or name (First, last, or full) or birthday of someone you love; a pet, lover, friend or family member name(s), a favorite song, a poem or a quote... get creative with it.
Introducing Payden Hayes
NYCT Clothing California Sweater - Black  in S/M