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a drawing of a woman with an umbrella on her head
Achraf Amiri
an image of daily affirmations written in pink and gold on a white background
25 incredible affirmations for positive mindset affirmations to set your life
an outline drawing of a man standing in front of the sun with his arms outstretched
a drawing of a woman falling into a wine glass with pink liquid in the bottom
The Rules of Rosé: A Wine Expert Shares Her Tips
two slices of bread with blueberries on them
Ideas, Kochen, Eten, Eat, Life, Pretty Food
a hand holding a sandwich on top of a white plate with lettuce and bacon
a person pouring wine into a glass filled with ice cubes and orange liquid on a table
Aperol Spritz
the words quiet places and soft moments are written in green on a white background with a small