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Harry Potter/Percy Jackson/Hunger Games/Mortal Instruments

Harry Potter, Jace Wayland, Percy Jackson and Peeta Mellark. -- i'll just put this here Drawn by: Burdge. Harry Potter, Jace Wayland, Percy Jackson and Peeta Mellark.-----------i hate mortal instruments but the others are great.

Percy Jackson Harry potter hunger games! don't know the other…

Lol haha funny percy jackson, the hunger games , divergent series, mortal instruments, and harry potter FANDOMS UNITE!

Totally me. Repin if you're a reader!

I read constantly, whether online, in books, or signs on the side of the road. Heck, even number plates!


So like seriously, Alex Jenna is gonna happen. That's like my biggest fucking ship and.it's gonna happen! I mean look at his Insta, they're odvi halfway in love!

Yup XD

They are just better than real guys so I will. there are a few exceptions of course but i will obsess over them just as much!