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팝송부터 영화, 스피치까지... 강사들은 영어를 어떤 식으로 가르칠까?!

500 English as a Second Language (ESL) teachers from around the world were asked about what tools they use to enhance their lessons. The How to Teach English Infographic presents the methods ESL teachers have .

Parts of speech

I WILL POST THIS IN MY FUTURE CLASSROOM! the most basic, self-explanatory 'map' of the parts of speech. Great map of the parts of speech. Using different colors provides a multi-sensory approach to teaching these.

I cry from laughter every time I read this. - Imgur

This is terrible, I cry from laughter every time I read this. If you take time to read it, its seriously the funniest thing ever! Sorry but the language, but it's too funny!

English pronunciation poem. Teach at beginning of year and then have them practice all year to see if they improve!

English pronunciation poem…Just when you thought is was safe to read phonetically. Thank you Grandma for that DICTION-ary, lest this poem end up read hairy. Re-read to read the proper way, from New Years Eve til Santa's sleigh.

That proves it- listen to your English teacher!

Many of you have already seen the attempt to save grandpa's life with a comma, but the picture included in this poster makes the attempt to save grandma.

For English teacher people

Next time you hear a woman talking about finding her Romeo, remind her that. Romeo and Juliet is not a love story. It's a day relationship between a girl and a boy that caused 6 deaths. Sincerely, everyone who actually read it.