melian and the danger noodle by on @DeviantArt

Check out MelianMarionette melian and the danger noodle

Elsa making meth (love over Drugs) by on @DeviantArt

Give your kids love so they will need no drugs PLEASE SHARE I am pretty happy of how it turned for a one hour drawing and the new paper is so nice for c. Elsa making meth (love over Drugs)

Lyn by on @DeviantArt

Character belongs to Nihmei time spent 7 hours(i think) Coloring and outline : watercolors and color-pens Feel free to downl.

100 by on @DeviantArt

so this a request by the winner of the first "every 100 watchers" giveaway Yelliebeans i hope you will like it 100

Midnight doodle 2 by on @DeviantArt

Visit my page to find more awesome stuff and don't forget to press the watch button not to miss the upcoming content Midnight doodle 2

Midnight doodle 1 by on @DeviantArt

Second upload for today . one of the worst days i could say . Never mind So, i decided to upload at least one "midnigh.

Vince Aravold (request) by on @DeviantArt

OC belongs to Vince Aravold (request)

BTS (k-pop) chibi fanart by on @DeviantArt

I have no idea about k-pop BTS (k-pop) chibi fanart

Pokemon (chibi / fanart / anthro ) by on @DeviantArt

Made some chibi Pokemon to practice on my coloring and linerat P. premium content has the original full resolution scan pixels Pokemon (chibi / fanart / anthro )

She-groot (optional NSFW+WIP ) by on @DeviantArt

She-groot (optional NSFW+WIP ) by on @DeviantArt

Acceptance by on @DeviantArt

This is my submission to a contest DA is holding .And this peace really means to much for me , its the first time that i am happy with the coloring firs.

Allpraiseyourgod by on @DeviantArt

i am ill and disappointed. I used ballpoint pen and watercolor pencils for the coloring, the size is cm --------------------------- You can st.

CLEARANCE #DedoSP by on @DeviantArt

CLEARANCE #DedoSP by on @DeviantArt

Hope {Amnesty/#DedoSP /FanArt/(steamy-punks)} by on @DeviantArt

Hope {Amnesty/ /FanArt/(steamy-punks)} by Steamy-Punks on DeviantArt anime manga ecchi sexy hot draw tutorial

Candy-Meow {#DedoSP/commission giveaway } by on @DeviantArt

Candy-Meow { giveaway } by Steamy-Punks on DeviantArt anime manga ecchi sexy hot draw tutorial

Big #DedoSP by on @DeviantArt

Big #DedoSP by on @DeviantArt