colorful black geometric skull fragmentation art ideas portion of image omitted and undefined image fractures and melds into design

Alex Perry 2018

Blythe Dress by ALEX PERRY for Preorder on Moda Operandi -such a sweet dress!

free download and poster available for sale - all proceeds go to disaster relief efforts in Japan.

Project Senbazuru is an artistic response to the disaster situation in Japan. Inspired by Japanese senbazuru exchanging, the Project Senbazuru illustration aims to promote hope and prosperity in the midst of such devastation.

Today in the middle of the afternoon two young dear were standing in my yard looking confused. I think it was because they had already eaten all the flowers and wondered where they had gone.

A deer with flowers as antlers coming out of its head. The pop of colour on the flowers as to the more neutral colours on the background and on the deer.

“I may be silent, but  I’m thinking.  I may not talk, but  Don’t mistake me for a wall.”  — 	Silent, But… by Shigeji Tsuboi

Hey everybody I am in English class atm just wondering how all my otakus are doing ☺️ -PASTELBAKA

Chris Lyons

unknown/ love so much about this.the lines, shadows, light, colors, shapes.

art Ganesha ganesha india hindu stencil lace graffiti   beautiful :::Conqueror of Obstacles:::

art Ganesha ganesha india hindu stencil lace graffiti beautiful :::Conqueror of Obstacles:::they eyes remind me so much of a wolves

Halloween Costumes

What, no super heroes and sexy nurses? Vintage photographs show bizarre and inventive Halloween costumes from a giant pair of eyes to a pork chop

This wasn't your typical All Hallow's Eve. Vintage photos of creepy Halloween costumes have recently surfaced and have taken the meaning of DIY to a new level. The black-and-white pics, which date bac.

Yago Partal - zoo portraits

Zoo Portraits - Panther Fun, beautiful art and a unique gift idea!

Second Skins: Fashionably Dressed Animals Photographed by Miguel Vallinas portraits fashion clothing birds anthropomorphic animals

Second Skins: Fashionably Dressed Animals Photographed by Madrid-based photographer Miguel Vallinas

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The couture designer knows how to make a woman feel glamorous, attracting fans that include Jennifer Lopez, Isla Fisher and Sandra Bullock. This season it’s


space traveler awesome stag deer collage as a surreal spaceman , must put this on a tshirt for my more avant garde days , no caption necessary