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a woman holding a snowman in her hands while wearing a hat and mittens
Я его слепила и полюбила...
two hands holding sparklers with the words, your home will reveal why your love life is
RSUD Petala Bumi – Provinsi Riau
For two are better than one... ~ Photo by Ian Schneider
a woman standing on top of a balcony next to the ocean holding her hand up in the air
Through My Eyes // Corbyn Besson [{(|Completed|)}] - 9.5
#wattpad #fanfiction Anna and Aliah finally moved to L.A from Australia. They are on a quest looking for love well mostly Aliah. Will they find the one? Will they stay friends? What will happen? Jest keep reading...
a woman laying in the grass with her hair blowing in the wind and flowers scattered around her
↞⋆ P I N T R E S T: @alfiexo ⋆↠
↞⋆ P I N T R E S T: @alfiexo ⋆↠
a woman leaning on a ledge in front of city lights
8,944 mentions J’aime, 112 commentaires - DOF | Geometry | Bokeh (@depthobsessed) sur Instagram : ". D E P T H O B S E S S E D DOF | Geometry | Bokeh…"
a young boy laying on the side of an empty road with his head up and eyes closed
Instagram Photo by MoodyGrams Portraiture (@moodyports) | WEBSTAGRAM
Instagram Photo by MoodyGrams Portraiture (@moodyports) | WEBSTAGRAM
a woman is holding christmas lights in her hands while laying on the floor with another person behind her
Pause du guerrier
Il y a des moments où j'ai l'impression de reculer au lieu d'avancer malgré tous les efforts que je fais pour garder le cap. Même dans ces moments, j'essaie de trouver les moyens pour dénicher le positif et comprendre ce que je dois apprendre de la situation. Ces jours où la force me manque pour…
a woman jumping in the air with an umbrella over her head on a city street at night
70.9 mil curtidas, 941 comentários - Brandon Woelfel (@brandonwoelfel) no Instagram: “Only love could ever hit this hard”
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