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Pretty paper straw tulips! A great spring craft for elementary kids!
A Friendship Flower-We read The Crayon Box That Talked (By Shane Derolf), discussed how we all work together, we are all different, special and unique. Lastly, we colored a flower petal and created unique a classroom flower.
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FREE!! - Earth Day Printables - Recycling and Compost (cut and paste). Download this FREEBIE at:
Earth Day - Perfect for little hands as they learn to write. This is a fun 'trace and color' Earth Day themed skill sheet where students will trace the different Earth themed outlines, and then also trace the words 'Earth' , 'Recycle' and 'Reuse'.It's a perfect little center activity or even for morning work.
Classroom Freebies Too: Sorting Trash - An Earth Day Lesson
free cut and paste page for how the earth helps us, how we help the earth, and other Earth Day sorting activities
Reported Speech - a boardgame
How to place your adjectives in order. This could be a good poster for an #ESL #EFL classroom wall.