Old Athens.                                                       …

Old Athens. Yiayia always made sure you had enough to eat and that you did eat.even when you already told her a 100 times you weren't hungry …

Corinth Canal, Greece

Train crossing over the Corinth Canal, Greece

Αθηνα 1926 οδοκαθαριστης - streat cleaner of Athens 1926

streat cleaner of Athens 1926 - Αθηνα 1926 οδοκαθαριστης

Μετς 1865 http://weloveathens.files.wordpress.com/2010/02/cebcceb5cf84cf83.jpg

Athens, end of century

ΑΘΗΝΑ 1864, Το Σύνταγμα και ο Λυκαβηττός - Lycabetous hill from Syntagma sqr, #solebike, #Athens, #e-bike tours.

Lycabetous hill from Syntagma sqr, Athens 1864

Pictures of another Greece, that does not exist any more Εικόνες μιας Ελλάδας που δεν υπάρχει πια - ΠΟΛΙΤΙΣΜΟΣ - LiFO

Boy with a hoop, Crete, Greece, 1964 - Greek America Foundation; Photograph by Constantine Manos, Magnum Photographer

Francis Frith. Athens, with the Acropolis (#619). c. 1860

1860 - The Acropolis of Athens (photo by Francis Frith)

Η φωτογραφία ελήφθη το έτος 1880.

River Ilissos 1875 Photo showing the new bridge across the River Ilissos and the unreconstructed old stadium, upper left. The road in the right foreground is Irodou Attikou.