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A German soldier (Gefreiter – Wehrmacht’s corporal) posing temporarily occupied Russian village in Soviet Russia. On the uniform of a German soldier is not the right shoulder strap.

Humiliated: A French woman accused of sleeping with Germans has her head shaved by neighbors in a village near Marseilles

Her head shaved by angry neighbors and members of the Corsican Resistance, a tearful Corsican woman is stripped naked and taunted for allegedly consorting with Axis soldiers during the occupation of.

Soldier's Goodbye Kiss in World War I

The picture shows a woman bidding her boyfriend goodbye, as he leaves to fight in World War I. It is not known whether he returned safely after the war. It was on this day (August in the year 1914 that Britain declared war on Germany.

Adolf Hitler and Eva Braun

Shocking evidence Hitler escaped Germany (I have never given the remotest thought to this possibility - have you?

Joseph Goebbels with his oldest daughter Helga and their pet dog. she was killed by her parents in the Berlin bunker as the Nazi empire crumbled.

Goebbels, born, in Rheydt, Germany. His family were Catholics; his father was a factory clerk, his mother originally a farmhand.