Lesvos, Greece

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Traditional cafe "Το καφενείο των Θεόφιλων" in Agiassos, Lesvos https://www.facebook.com/pages/Το-Καφενείο-των-Θεόφιλων-Theofilons-Cafe/342681945759233

This cafe in Agiassos, Lesvos in Greece in the perfect place to stop after a long stroll.

Sardines at the Lesbos Sardine Festival, Skala Kalloni, Lesvos, Greek Islands

Discover Greek cuisine: traditional food, wine and local spirits, traditional products and modern gastronomy here will excite you.

The 7km-long Vatera beach - Lesvos | Het 7 km lange strand van Vatera - Lesbos lesbos-eiland.webs.com

Unspoilt Greece: holidays off the beaten track

Vatera is a long sandy beach in the southern. Vatera is a long sandy beach in the southern…

Skala Sikaminia Harbour, Lesvos. One of my favourite boat trips from Molyvos.

Skala Sikaminia Harbour, Lesvos, a boat trip from Molyvos.

Town of Mytilene - Lesvos Island

Town of Mytilene (Mitilini) - Lesvos Island (North Aegean), Greece…