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9 Things Humans Do That Stress Our Dogs Out

9 Things Humans Do That Stress Our Dogs Out. All pets need love, security, and peace not fear.FYI: It's not funny or amusing to scare any animal (some people think it is).which is his highest form of stress. Animals are very trusting and one should ne

Life is great... Pets make it better

I'm setting this fundraiser up for Ms.Patty a sweet lady that has been rescuing and helping animals her whole life.Patty has animals of her own and several that has found her.Patty had a fall and has broken her arm and a leg.

"Cat Tail Speak" from Fun Cat Facts #81...*I remember that my sweet Buffy did the "Crazy about you" tail a lot and I thought it was I miss it.  CLICK to see all 100 Fun Cat Facts...VERY INTERESTING!

Kitty Speak - this is interesting. some people believe that because cats have different "tail" language than dogs this is the reason for their feuding. But when a dog is raised as a young pup with cats, he learns cat "tail language".