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Αποχαιρέτησε Την Κυτταρίτιδα Τώρα! / Anti-cellulite Coffee Scrub

27 Unexpected Ways Coffee Can Improve Your Life Mix coffee grounds with sea salt and oil to make an anti-cellulite body scrub.

Ποιος Είναι Ο Ρόλος Της Σόδας Στην Ομορφιά; / How to Use Soda In your Daily Beauty Routine

How to use baking soda to whiten teeth properly with 7 easy recipes here?

Man Magnet Spray

DIY-Vanilla Clove Body Oil Spray cup almond oil (walnut or jojoba oil would also work) to 1 teaspoon vanilla extract drops clove oil A small spray bottle

Αντιμετωπίζοντας Την Ψαλίδα / Deal With Split Ends Once And For All

Natural redheads worry about their hair fading as well as 'by choice' redheads who are dyeing (pun intended) to keep their locks vibrant. There are many heavy chemical-based products on the market th