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What to take to University: The Full List | Bethan Lucy | UK Lifestyle Blog: What to take to University: The Full List

When you pack for university, you might not immediately think of the more unusual items, like party costumes! Fortunately, Bethan Lucy has put together this great list from a student perspective, to make sure you enjoy your first term at college or uni!

Repurposing a Crib Mattress! Brilliant

Old crib mattress for the bench pad. the bench came from pottery barn but i think it would be a pretty easy build.Would like this for a larger mattress as a daybed in the upstairs guest room. great idea for a frame with storage.

21 Ways to Burn Fat Faster Read on for some medically proven moves that will make it happen — and help you drop some pounds.

Tricks to Speed Up Your Metabolism - Drink Green Tea The polyphenols, specifically EGCG, in green tea have properties that rev up your metabolic rate. However, green tea takes dedication. You have to drink about cups a day to see results.