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an animal that is flying through the air
two animals that are in the middle of some sort of circle with one animal on it's back
Her Tea Leaves
the silhouettes of foxes are shown in black and white, as well as gray ink
Photo (wonder / wander)
two badgers curled up in a leafy bowl with leaves on the bottom and one laying down
an ink drawing of a fox curled up in a circle surrounded by small red bugs
Amy Dover - illustration - Lucky Pony
Thanks Leigh face for pinning the double fox faces by Amy Dover this morning, I went to go check out the rest of her work - she's really good. Her drawings
a drawing of a fox with the words vulpes vulpes on it
Vulpes vulpes
several different types of foxes are shown in this drawing
an ink drawing of a fox on a white background stock photo and royalty illustration image
Vector hand drawn illustration of walking fox isolated on white background. Cute forest animal in sketch style
a black and white drawing of a wolf running with its tail spread out to the side
Download Fox, Walking, Nature. Royalty-Free Vector Graphic
Free Image on Pixabay - Fox, Walking, Black And White