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Top 10 Nutrition Lists Guide

Top 10 Nutrition Lists Guide - Stefan Mager New laminated chart - Books in the Garden

Συστατικά φυσικών τροφών barfer

Συστατικά φυσικών τροφών barfer

Soaking & Sprouting chart for grains, seeds, nuts, beans

Soaking and sprouting increases the digestibility and nutritional benefits of seeds, nuts, grains and legumes exponentially. Sprouts are high in vitamins, minerals, and are very alkalizing.


A winning combination of lemon glazed pangasius, combined with mushrooms and capers. Subtile, delicate flavours to caress your tongue.


‘Surf N Turf’: Buffalo Ribeye & Lobster with Sake Demi Glaze

Herb Crystals® & Flower Crystals® |

Fresh Origins Microgreens, Petitegreens, Edible Flowers, Herb Crystals® & Flower Crystals® are a fantastic ingredient & garnish for creative cocktails.

Seed Starter Chart by Temperature

Seed starter chart by temperature. # days = # of days it takes for that particular plant to sprout. So the temp would have to stay between the min & max given for that many days.