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Photos of the surface of Mars from the rover Opportunity

NASA has released a new panorama from its Mars Exploration Rover 2012 Opportunity, showing the terrain where the robot spent the four-month Martian winter.

Amateur photographer Martin Le-May, from Essex, has recorded the extraordinary image of a weasel riding on the back of a green woodpecker as it flies through the air. The photograph was taken at Hornchurch Country Park in east London on Monday afternoon.

This is the photo of a weasel riding/attacking a flying green woodpecker taken by amateur photographer (read: regular person) Martin Le-May in his yard in Essex, England. Personally, if I was a weasel I'd prefer to ride a hawk,.

Richard Jones, a Palatka man’s son was able to quickly take an amazing photo of a raccoon riding on top of an alligator in the Ocala National Forest Saturday morning. His son must have startled the raccoon, which he said then stumbled toward the water and hopped on top of the gator that was near the water’s edge.

Florida man snaps picture of raccoon riding a gator in Ocala National Forest ~AMAZING!

'This Could Be The Rarest Animal In The World'  Extremely rare Allonautilus scrobiculatus (right) (not seen for 31 years)  swimming next to a Nautilus pompilius (left) off of Ndrova Island in Papua New Guinea. Credit: Peter Ward.

Nautilus pompilius (left) swimming next to a rare Allonautilus scrobiculatus off Ndrova Island in Papua New Guinea. (left) swimming next to a rare Allonautilus scrobiculatus off Ndrova Island in Papua New Guinea.

This is so pretty

The killer whale (Orcinus orca), also referred to as the orca whale or orca, and less commonly as the blackfish or grampus, is a toothed whale belonging to the oceanic dolphin family.

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