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an open window on the side of a building
Pueblo Ribera — MARK HADDAWY
Pueblo Ribera — MARK HADDAWY
an empty room with benches and stools in the center, all made out of wood
Leopold Banchini Architects perches wooden shack above an Australian creek
a large painting hangs on the wall next to a wooden bench in a white walled room
a room with red walls and white doors in front of two statues on pedestals
Nicolas Cazenave de la Roche on Instagram: "@therascalhouse"
a bath tub sitting inside of a bathroom next to a shower head mounted on a wall
Marazzi Reinhardt, Schaub Stierli Fotografie, Ladina Bischof · Haus zum Pudel
the fireplace is decorated in black and white checkered tiles, with an ornate design
@torimellott on Instagram: "Can you imagine being a toddler and this was the fireplace in your house? 👹"