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Sunako Nakahara

Sunako Nakahara
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Duane Michals helped me move from separating what I heard when I was shooting from what I was seeing... The Back to School Project effected the healing...

this is my proof, 1974 & duane michals & reads: this photograph is my proof. there was that afternoon, when things were still good between us, and she embraced me, and we were so happy. it did happen. she did love me.

15 Play Ideas to Help Children Calm Down and Relax

Creative Playhouse: 15 Play Ideas to Help Children Calm Down and Relax. Nicely collated list of calm down activities that I have pinned or seen before (and some new to me)

Affirmations ~ I am.

Affirmations - as girls get older, low self esteem is a constant issue. Regularly doing these affirmations with the girls can help counteract alI of the negatives they hear or tell themselves. I really like this one, although I want to look up some instr

Let's Talk Speech-Language Pathology: Multisyllabic Summer Suns

I hope everyone is enjoying their summer break! I've taken some time off from making activities to relax and enjoy my time off.