Sweet, like vinsanto

Being wedding planners, one of the most difficult things we had to do, was plan our own wedding. Location was a given, Santorini. However, we wanted to show our guests a different side of the island, a side not known to many. Art Space was the ideal location for us - a winery tucked in Ekso Gonia, with a history of more than 100 years and a dreamy canava, which we envisioned as the ceremony hall.
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Cannot thank you enough for planning this wonderful wedding for us! And for loving me so much..
Tired after a long day...
Practicing for their future wedding!
Non stop dancing!
Let's dance!
Party time!
All cold cuts were placed in an old wooden door, decorated with grapes, pomegranates and escorted by handmade jams in 6 different flavours, to match the variery
And the best meze for the amazing wine - cheese and cold cuts imported from Italy and handpicked by the groom!
Second wedding cake - chocolate!
Greek traditional desserts!By the one and only Stelios Parliaros