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a large dining room with stone flooring and exposed wooden beams on the ceiling is shown
Bernard De Clerck | Architects-Contemporary Country
a white brick building with black glass doors and light fixtures on the outside wall next to a tree
Realisaties - Engels Realisaties voor alle stijlen en karakters
an old building with two doors open in front of it and green grass on the ground
Bernard De Clerck | Architects
a brick building with an open door in the middle of some bushes and trees around it
Bernard De Clerck | Architects-Scrapbook
the house is surrounded by hedges and trees, with an orange tiled roof on top
Tisselrietweg 23, Neerpelt, Pelt
an outside view of a house with lawn and chairs
A visit to Garnier Antiques and Interior Architecture, Belgium
a red brick building with a black window
Houten ramen en deuren
a large brick house sitting on top of a lush green field
two brick houses sitting next to each other on top of a dirt hill in front of trees
a brick house that has been built into the ground
an old brick building with a small garden in the foreground and a stone walkway leading up to it
Architectuur - Interieurarchitectuur - Interieur - Aarsele - Tielt - West-Vlaanderen
an old farm house is surrounded by tall grass and trees in the foreground, with a path leading to it
a white brick house with a red roof
Kantoorgebouw van boomkwekerij Van Colen - Realisaties