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an orange and white pillow on a white surface
Craft Ideas
two bicycles made from buttons and paperclips on a white sheet with text
Today's whimsy ...
a ball of yarn sitting on top of a wooden table
how to make fabric scrap twine - My French Twist
an outdoor fountain surrounded by potted plants and flowers in the foreground is a wooden deck
The WHOot
We love Water Features and if you do too, you need to check out this gorgeous Teapot version. It's very easy to make when you know how and it will look wonderful in a favorite space at your place. Check it out now.
a man is painting a large vase on a table with a spray bottle next to it
Repurpose Your Milk Can Into A Side Table
This transformation is UNBELIEVABLE!
there are two tubes of glue next to a piece of paper and a box of toilet paper
Transfer Images Using Freezer Paper
OMG OMG OMG OMG!!!! Transfer any image to anything (fabric and wood) using this process. Can you imagine the possibilities? I MUST REMEMBER THIS!
a close up of a piece of cloth with yarn on it and an object in the background
Catching Up with The Square Deal Weave-Along »
Catching Up with The Square Deal Weave-Along - Mostly Knitting Blog
a person holding a paintbrush in front of a blue container with buttons on it
15 quick and easy gift ideas using buttons
Save your buttons for these adorable gift ideas
the words 15 reasons to make your own envelopes plus printable templates to make it easier
15 Reasons to DIY Envelopes, plus Printable Templates
Make these pretty DIY envelopes with glossy magazines, seed catalogs, or other upcycled paper. Use them in so many ways to bring JOY to your family. Grab the free templates so that you can customize the size of your envelopes.
a close up of a person reading a book with their thumb on the edge of an open book
a wooden spoon sitting on top of a table next to a piece of paper and flowers
Spring captured like magic.
Foraging with kids provides ample flowers and leaves to make pounded flower art, or homemade botanical prints; live seasonally with this natural kids craft.
an image of how to print on fabric
DIY how to print on fabric
how to print on fabric by Amy56
some type of calligraphy that is on the wall -&nbspfollowpics Resources and Information.
awesome vinyl sayings
four different pictures of women in hats and dress clothes, with the words fashiondale damies
Ephemera's Vintage Garden