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Bullshit this is. Ground Yoda you cannot.

My son got mad at me for grounding him. Got even angrier when I wouldn't stop laughing and talking in backwards proverbs.//I apologize to my future kids, I'd probably end up doing that too.

Once again is it bad that I know who this is by his feet?

Anonymous said: Spam me with dan's converse plzzz :)) Answer: Gladly! Dan Smith’s Converse Masterpost.

Hello Dan of the smiths

It's a car ride, but look how fucking angelic he looks.

You will remember meeee for centurieeeesssss :D I loveee this song! Does anybody else??

Day a song that reminds you of your boyfriend/girlfriend- Centuries- Fall Out Boy- what boyfriend/girlfriend? Just put this cause I wanted a little fall out boy in there tbh

Dan Smith ~ Bastille. Now THATS how you eat popcorn

Random pic of the night is man wearing hoodie backwards to assist with eating his snack. I just want to know how the guy thought of this.